What is a sandwich panel machine and how it works?

Here we are introducing Sandwich Panel Continuous Line, which can automatically and continuously produce the sandwich panels, from metal sheet uncoiling to, foam injection to finished sandwich panels output. The core material can be PUR, PIR, Rockwool, phenolic.

 The PU/PIR line includes the following parts: uncoiling system, roll forming machine, preheating oven, foam machine, accessories of foaming system, double belt conveyor, double belt heating device, cutting system, cooling system, stacking system, packing system, electric system, etc.

 The product of this line sandwich panel is a new type building material, which has the function such as good flame retarding, keep warm, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, handiness, environmental protection and so on. It is widely applied in protection and decoration of outside wall for tall building and first-class office building. It can do protection, keep warm and flame retarding.

Our line annual production capacity is 800000 square meters. (250 working days per year, 10 hours working time per day.)

This production line can mainly produce roof panel, cold storage panel and wall panel. Or any other profiles requested by buyer, the machine can be customized.

We welcome you to catch a glimpse of the video:

Below is the general specifications, machine can be customized.

Sandwich Panel Spec.

Min. cutting length                       2m

Max. Stacking length                  15m

Panel thickness:                    30-200mm

Steel Sheet Spec.

Inner side Pre-painted panel thickness: 0.326-0.6mm (material must be level, no corrugation and distortion)

Outer side Pre-painted panel thickness (for wall): 0.4-0.8mm (material must be level, no corrugation and distortion)

Outer side Pre-painted panel thickness (for roof): 0.4-0.8mm (material must be level, no corrugation and distortion)

Yield strength of material           235-300MPa


Stainless steel panel thickness       0.35-0.6mm (material must be level, no corrugation and distortion)

(Stainless steel is only used for cold storage wall panel.)


PU/PIR raw material              Polyol and MDI, 141B forming or pentane foaming

PU/PIR forming density                  3550 kg/m3

Whole Line Spec.

line speed                 210 m/min (adjustable according to panel thickness)

Total length                         about 120m (complete line)

Working height                      1200mm (height of panel coming out)

Control mode                     imported PLC system (Siemens/ Mitsubishi)

Working flow

Feeding coil ------- uncoiling material -------- Film covering (Pre-cutting) -------- edge slitting (waste edge rewinder)-------- Roll forming ------- Preheating material ------- mixed Foaming/glue spraying ------ Laminating in double belt conveyor ------- Band Saw Cutting product ------ Run out conveyor -------- Cooling ----------Automatic stacking product--------packing---Output the finished sandwich panels

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